Today is going to be short but I promised myself I would write as much as possible, so here I go.  I’ll give a real brief background and can talk more about it later as right now trying to type in my brief state of being awake (with sunglasses on as light hurts).

A few years ago had to have my thyroid taken out.  Easter morning of this year I fell down stairs and had to have 17 stitches on my head.  3 weeks ago had first seizure. Thought I was getting better (doctor had said he doubted it would happen again but just take it for one month to be safe) and so went off Keppra one week earlier as I slept all day and was like a zombie (well at least one that didn’t like to eat brains).  Just had 2nd seizure last night.  Back on Keppra but taking it in little bits of a time but still sleeping a lot.  Supposed to be taking 1,100 mg a day but now trying for a quarter at a time to make it only 750 mg a day.

My wife is looking up free clinics so we can get expert medical advice.  I don’t have medical insurance as I don’t have a job.  Tried for Covered CA but was denied as even though I can’t work, they felt I’m still young enough to work so was denied coverage (even though explained to them can’t walk and can’t drive).

My wife is going to also try to write more blogs.  And now I go off to drugged sleep again.






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