Well, actually I’m 51 but let’s round it down for easiness. I started trying this blog thing but have kept pushing it off. So I have decided to write as many blogs as possible starting today. I think today will be movies of what are some that I like and recently seen.

Julie and Julia

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I strongly suggest seeing it. It’s a true story actually about Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep) and Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams). It is about Julie who is feeling frustrated at her life turning 30 (that seems so young now, right?) decided to cook every single one of Julia Child’s recipes out of her cookbook. This is what gave me the idea to do this.

I don’t think you can go wrong with Meryl Streep – except for the ABBA movie. Wasn’t crazy about it. However, if you haven’t seen Julie and Julia, don’t read the reviews – since it is an older movie, the reviews will often share the ending which is a little twister!


  • Julia Child’s height was 6’2″ but Meryl Streep’s height was 5’6″, so in order to imitate the height Meryl had to wear extra higher heels than she is used to and they had to lower the counter tops and be creative with how they filmed her.
  • When you watch the film, you will see a bridge teacher. Her name is Jula Prud’homme and she actually the grandniece of Julia Child.
  • Blogs are becoming more and more of the “thing” and yet this movie was the very first one to be partially based on a blog.


We watched this movie just the other day. I wasn’t feeling good (we can maybe talk about that in a future post) so it was a lazy day and so we were just randomly picking out movies. This movie surprised both of us of how good it was. It is one of those psychological movies – hardly bloody – much more you are trying to figure out what the heck is going on. The main character, played by Topher Grace, thinks he is losing his mind and for pretty much the whole movie we couldn’t figure it out ourselves. We were both riveted to our seats (well couches) watching it all. I just checked Delirium Movie and it is only $2.99 (we watched it on our HBO Channel.)


  • Where have you seen Topher Grace before? Spider Man 3. I had no idea because I don’t watch the 300 Spider Mans that seem to be out there!
  • This was created by the same production company as Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Get Out.
  • Blumhouse Productions have never spent more that $10 million per movie.
Topher Grace

A Quiet Place

This movie just came out and if you want to really be on the edge of your seat – you HAVE to see this movie. It just came out this year and is all about how everyone needs to be quiet – you find out soon why and your are tense with them. It was funny actually, because Yvonne and I found ourselves whispering to each other because we felt we had to be quiet too – for the family in the movie!


  • In the movie, the daughter is deaf. In real life, Millicent Simmonds is actually deaf and taught Amerian Sign Language to the entire cast members.
  • This was created by the same production company as Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Get Out.
  • All the corn was specifically planted just for the movie and they had to run a bit over their normal budget of under $10 million per movie so they could order the 20 tons of corn as well as hire farmers to get them all planted for them.

And Finally

I’d love to hear your comments on these movies and let me know of any you suggest we should try out.

Talk to you tomorrow,



P.S If you are interested in seeing or purchasing any information on these films, click on the bold italic link in each section.





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