When I and probably most people think of the Fourth of July, they think of the picnics, family and friends being together, pool parties, bar-b-ques, finding the perfect spot for the show, sparklers, and ultimately the amazing fireworks and unbelievable finale. But what also needs to be thought about for this holiday is our pets because this time can be dangerous, if not deadly, for your furry paws. As a side note, summer and pets can always be a dangerous time.


Every year numerous cats and dogs get startled and scared so runaway as they don’t know what else to do with all these loud sounds going on around them. According to PetAmberAlert.com, “animal control officials across the
country see a 30-60% increase in lost pets each year between July 4th and 6th. In fact, July 5th is one of the busiest days of the year for shelters.”
Unfortunately, many of the lost pets are never located again.


Many people think they have the problem solved because they will keep their pet(s) on leashes and then will be there to comfort them, but there are other dangers as well that one needs to know. As most people know, with the hot weather, food can go bad but the dogs don’t know – they seem (well I know my puppy definitely does this) to have the “eat first and taste later” motto. That can lead to sick dogs for sure.

Random Debris

Again, my dog likes to sniff and eat anything when we are out for a walk – even if it isn’t food. I once had to quickly pick him up as he was sniffing some broken glass that had something he thought was tasty and was ready to dine away. Especially on Fourth of July, there is more debris on the ground than normal. Whether it be from people being lazy and littering or they are getting drunk and are just not realizing, anything and everything can be in your dog’s eyesight. In addition, if there is glass on the ground your dog could cause serious damage to his sensitive paws.


As we are older, going out in the crowds and the traffic to see the fireworks is not anything important to us. We are more about staying home and comforting the pets and watching the fireworks on TV (yeah I know, boring to most but not for us). For a few days before to a few days after, we are aware our focus has to be on them, and since it is usual for the fireworks to go for a few nights, we are happy we have a king-size bed because we expect that our bed is filled with 1 puppy and 7 kitties cuddled up on the bed with us.


We wish everyone a happy Fourth of July – just remember to take care of those furry paws of yours. They need you!

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    1. thank you! You know me and my love of animals! It was startling to realize how many pets are lost at this time each year.

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