First of all, this is for all of the Trekkies out there who cannot get enough ST trivia, even repeatedly LOL.

Even though throughout the various shows and movies that there have been female captains, Captain Kathryn Janeway is the first to be noteworthy. Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway was the first Captain to have her own ship for 7 years on network television.

So here is what is commonly know about Captain Janeway from watching the show.

  • From Bloomington Indiana farm community
  • Father was an Admiral
  • Loves Irish Setters and left behind a dog Molly Malone
  • Fiance Mark Johnson married someone else instead of waiting
  • Studied Sciences before choosing the command track.
  • Hates cooking
  • Inhales coffee

Little known facts of Captain Janeway.

  • Knits ( made a blanked for baby Naomi)
  • Should have dies 17 times over the 7 years the show was on
  • Promoted to Admiral in the STNG movie Nemesis
  • Wanted to be a Ballerina as a child
  • Sister is Phoebe and artist

Watching the show, even all of the these years later is still enjoyable. The creators and crew of Star Trek lore do a great job coming up with new ship designs, weapons and aliens to cause trouble. What I find unique is how each crew has become a united family over their time together cruising the stars.

As some may know, Kate Mulgrew who starred as Captain Kathryn Janeway started out in the 1970’s on a soap opera called Ryan’s Hope. She gained daytime stardom quickly. Then on to the TV series Mrs. Columbo which only lasted on season, but I remember watching it as a child.

There have been so many TV movies, shows, on and mini-series there are just too many to list. Kate’s online list can be found at if you want to peruse the list. These days you can see her as Red on Orange is the New Black, via Netflix and its a fairly popular show.


Anyone else have Captain Janeway trivia that we missed? Please let us know!

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