As mentioned in the previous post, Tracy and I were on our first road trip going north along Highway 1.  We were so close to the border we decided to venture into another state, Oregon, just to do it. Because of our timeline (that dreaded work thing) we knew we didn’t have much time because we knew we had to take the trip home.  After some amazing new experiences and memories, we finally got back in the car, leaving Oregon and taking the Road Trip Home.

Day 3

Late in the afternoon, we crossed the border into Oregon.  We had no destination, other than neither of us had been there and we just wanted to go. We had a late lunch at the Apple Peddler in Brookings, then did the fun tourist shopping for something that said “Oregon” on it and hit the road back to California.

On our way south toward home (we both wanted to stay longer and not have to go back to work, LOL) we saw a bear near Klamath, but he/she didn’t stay in view for long. This night we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Ukiah. It was clean and quiet and offered a free breakfast buffet.

Day 4

We opted to take Hwy 1 to 101 south as we had already done the coastal drive. Along the way we stopped at various wineries and did some tasting. The winery that stood out the most to me that day was the Milano Family Winery in Hopland.

This winery has an interesting little side thing going, as you are walking toward the tasting room, there is an animal pen on the left of the parking lot. They had goats, big turtles and I don’t recall what else. All of them were very well fed and used to getting a lot of attention. The goats come running for a good head scratch. Milano Winery offered two wines that I was partial to. Risque and Mistero. Of course I bought a few of both. This road trip saw me escorting 12 bottles of wine home.

At this point we headed home. It’s interesting that the trip that took us 3 days to achieve heading north, but only took a day to get home. We were home by 5pm on day 4. However, this did establish what has now become our favored vacations all these years later.

Final Thoughts

It’s been quite some time since we did a road trip along Highway 1, either north or south.  I’f you’ve done this road trip, what are some of your favorite places to visit?

Until next time,

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