Both Tracy and I are Trek nerds.  In fact, such nerds that I recently purchased the model set of all the Enterprises (follow this link to see). We’ll be definitely writing more about the franchises in various parts but today we would like to focus on Star Trek the Next Generation.

We’ve watched every episode of every series, and all of the movies. From  William Shatner’s Captain Kirk to Kate Muldrew’s Captain Janeway and young Captain James T. Kirk with Chris Pine in the movies.

I will admit that Star Trek The Next Generation is my favorite of all of the series.  I love how the new movies and their young actors so perfectly capture the personalities of the original Star Trek the Next Generation series characters portrayed.  Here are some facts you may or not may not know:

  • Michael Westmore is well known for all of his work on all of the Star Trek series, including the movies: Star Trek: First Contact (1996), Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine (1993), and Star Trek:  Insurrection (1998).
  • Michael Westmore’s daughter is McKenzie Westmore, the hostess of FaceOff, shown on the SYFY channel.  She has appeared in various small parts in Star Trek such as playing a villager in the Insurrection movie and, on Voyager, she was in the “Warhead” episode.


  • Patrick Stewart’s son, Daniel, had a small role on Star Trek the Next Generation in the episode “Inner Light”.  Ironically, he was playing the role as his father at a younger age.


  • Tim Russ originally tried out for the role of Geordi La Forge.  He lost out to the role to LeVar Burton but did go on to play Tuvok of Voyager as a Vulcan.


  • Gates McFadden, who played Dr. Beverly Crusher, was absent for the entire second season of Star Trek the Next Generation due to the fact that the head writer did not like her and did not like her acting.  There are 3 episodes that you will see her in the second season, however those are actually stock footage they pulled from the first episode.
  • Patrick Stewart was furious and after an extensive letter writing campaign, she was personally invited back for the third season and all subsequent seasons and movies by Rick Berman, the executive producer.


This will not be a strictly Star Trek trivia. This will be Hollywood trivia every week, as it was always a topic in my household when I was growing up. Do you have any trivia to add or would like to hear more about?

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