My mother in-law is a “CA”, a Crochet Addict!  At any time, whether in her front room, in the back seat of a car as we drive somewhere, or even in a coffee shop, there she is, crocheting away.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  In fact, her and her group crochet blankets and hats for the homeless, Veterans, and for newborns – she is making a difference with her hobby. Below is an image of just 1% of the yarn she has on hand at anytime!  As you’ll read below, crochet can truly be a rewarding hobby!

Multiple Yarn on Hand

I asked her what got her into it and she explained the following:  When she was 13, the rest of her family were crocheting clothes as Christmas gifts and she wanted in on the party.  So they taught her how to crochet and she still crochets.  She said she can’t just sit and do nothing so while watching/listening to the TV or whatever, she keeps her hands and brain busy, crocheting, making beautiful creations with designs and colors.

What is Crochet?

Various Crochet Hooks

Crochet (prounounced “Kro – shey” (the “t” is silent) is, in basically making intertwining loops with the yarn using a crochet hook (see above).  If you’ve ever done the do-it-yourself highlighting your hair with the cap, you’ll recognize the look of those hooks (which by the way, I hate doing as it HURTS!)

There is a french term, croche, along with a german word, “croc” both meaning “hook”.  Crocheting has a long history dating back to the 17th history. If interested, you can read more about it on Wikipedia.  Another interesting history on Crochet is on this website.  The difference between knitting and crocheting is that knitting has rows or columns of open stitches, crochet is done by using only one stitch or loop at a time.

Interesting Crochet Facts

  • April is National Stress Awareness Month and Crochet is known as a proven stress reliever.  Crochet uses repetitive, relaxed motions that help calm the brain and the body.  In addition, many crocheters meet socially and/or, as in the case of my mother-in-law, also is helping and giving to others – which always makes one feel good.
  • In the past history, only the rich were allowed to crochet, the poor were only allowed to knit.
  • Between 1845 and 1849, many people/families depended on selling their crocheted lace to the rich during the Irish famine.
  • In the 1800s, the crochet hook was held by women like a pencil, as this was considered more graceful and feminine.  Unfortunately, this also led to a lot of cases of carpal tunnel (which at that time was not diagnosed other that the women were in a lot of pain).  Now, to avoid that pain, the hooks are usually held in a “knife hold”, which is holding the hook in the palms of their hands.
  • Before holding them as a pencil though, there were no hooks.  Instead, crocheting was done with a bent finger instead of a hook



There are so many webpages out there that offer free patterns for crocheting.  Just do a search for Crochet Patterns and you’ll have more than you can even imagine.  Let me know if you have anything you’d like to add regarding Crocheting!




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