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Retirement, The American Ideal


The Gen X Era

My generation ( we are 60’s babies) and the elder generations were raised on the concept of work, have a home, retire and enjoy your later years. It’s not this reality anymore. There’s was a subtle shift in how to achieve safe retirement, and it snuck up on a lot of us.


My wife and have both worked since we were teenagers. We have both had high paying jobs, and low paying jobs. To this day we still rent a home. Trying to save a 30% down payment to purchase a home in the Bay Area has always just been beyond our reach, mostly because every year when salary increases came, so did the rent increase. A lot of the time the rent increase has been more than the salary increase.

Later Working Years

Now in our 50’s we are looking ahead to our retirement years. But there are considerations if we can retire at all.

– Where will we live?
– Do we stay in California?
– Do we get and RV and just hit the road?

Can we retire at all?

Our government is always threatening end Social Security, the one thing we are counting on to be able to retire. When I was younger I always imagined retiring to  a little cabin on a lake with a small personal dock, picturesque right? However in the real world I have know idea how we could pull this off.


Recently we have launched our own business and I am still working part time. If we’re successful, maybe we have that little dream cabin.

Feedback is always welcome, and even if you disagree please don’t be cruel about it.

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