The Concord Movies Theater – Veranda Luxe

New Theater in Town                                     

On June 20, 2018, my wife and I attended a premier function at the new Concord Movies Theater at the Veranda Luxe, hosted by Comcast Xfinity for the premier of Jurassic World. There were pluses and minuses to the evening; however, over all it was a fantastic get-out-of-the-house evening.

Pluses and Minuses to a Comcast Evening

Everything started out fine at check-in, we received our wristbands and snack vouchers, and we were handed a menu as we walked into the theater.  It was a new experience to sit down in our seats, that fold out and have trays, and read the menu.  Once we knew what we wanted, we pushed a button and a server came to our seats to take our order.  They then brought us our meals – very quickly actually!


So, that being said….these youngster servers run their backsides off. Remember theaters are set in tiers, these people are doing stair runs every showing with full trays of food and water.  We made sure to tip our server well as we just received a smile from him the entire time (and he had to be exhausted by the end of the night!)

A Few Issues

However, it didn’t seem that the theater was prepared for such a big event or how many people attended.  We arrived at 5:45 as the event was supposed to start at 6:00. Once we were seated, the server asked if we wanted water or soda and we stated whichever was faster as it was very warm in the theater.  At 6:55, we still had not received our sodas.   

I finally was able to grab the attention of a different server, Francesca, to request drinks. She was back in a few minutes with both soda and water.  I can’t tell you how quick we gulped those down!

Now this is not being picky, we had already ordered, eaten and completed our meals which were tasty by the way, and still didn’t even have water. Just a note, the meals are a little salt heavy.

The Uh-Oh Factor  

Other things to note, we were there to see Jurassic World, at 7:15 (movie was supposed to start at 7:00) the theater manager came out and announced there was a problem and Jurassic World would not be playing. He expressed deeply that it was not Xfinity’s fault but the theater’s fault.  Instead they showed us The Incredibles 2 and a loud collective groan went through the packed theater.

The theater did give us vouchers for a later showing to make up for the error.  We also got a lunch box with the Jurassic World 2 logo, which included stickers, Pez candy dispensers (with dinosaur heads on them of course),  and a Comcast Xfinity remote control skin decal.  Unfortunately, we stream everything so don’t have a Comcast controller.

Remote Control Skin Decal:  Blue’s Pattern

Lunch Box


This type of theater environment has hope, but there are a few kinks to work out.

We also noted, there were some off duty city police officers on guard duty at all exit doors and top levels and handicap levels, and they made sure they were seen.  This could be because it was such a large event.

If you saw either Jurassic World or The Incredibles 2, what are your reviews on it?

Until next time,