For many years I have been a hobby photographer. Usually I get most of my photos from our travel. Sometimes when out walking I might see something interesting. Anyhow, anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my camera.   Although I know this is an Amateur Photography Blog, I wanted to share my images and would love to get any tips or your own photographs to share!



Everything Looks Better Through a Lens

A Corner in San Francisco

a corner in San Francisco

It really is odd I can be staring at a tree, a flower or a building with both eyes and my glasses on and see nothing, pull up my camera and the view narrows to the small area and the visual art comes to me. For example the photo above was taken when I was wandering around in San Francisco. Of course it helps to have the right equipment with you so usually I have my spider tripod with me for the supremely steady shots.

I finally when I was in my 30’s understood this quotation I had come across, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” Thomas Merton. I tend to wander off when I get lost in the lens, I’d probably walk in front of a car if my wife wasn’t always with me.

I’ve discovered it’s all about the angles.  For example, the above image shows multiple angles which is what, I believe, makes it look interesting.  What if I just focused on one building – wouldn’t be too interesting.

The Digital vs Film Dilemma

I used to do film after all when I was young, it was all we had. I did get some decent photos…but nothing like I get with digital.

   duck reflections

With digital photography I can upgrade the lighting with a simple click of the mouse. There are so many other tools in a good software, too many to carry on about right now.

Minor Examples  

The photos above are just minor examples of what you can do with digital photography. The one below was taken inside of a cave. The natural luminescence gave off plenty of light.

Black Cavern Chasm


When the weather is nice you’ll find us out on a walk, my camera in hand, and my wife and dog wandering along with me. We live near a canal that has plenty of foliage, but at this time of year there are just to many snakes to chance a walk.

Anyone out there care to share their ideas on digital photography?

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